My First Indoor Skydiving experience…


I cannot believe what I did today. This is so not moi!  I’m a lady, and I don’t want to die yet? 🙂 Ok, cut the drama Tigress! It’s just skydiving. What?

Yes, I faced my fear people. I did it! But I would rather do an impromptu singing than break my back doing this. Kidding aside, I had a fantabulous time! You should have seen my face as I was putting on my skydiving jacket and helmet, I was not smiling at all. I had to go to the bathroom twice before the flight. But my rock was with me, my hubby! I had some friends with me too who also gave me their all out support. I was so nervous. But the moment I got inside with the instructor, I felt safe and relaxed (???), although I had to tell him not to take me up too high. He laughed. I started smiling actually and posed for the camera in the second round. The feeling of floating in the air, fly free like a bird, or simply being saved from jumping over a bridge. 🙂 You thought I was gonna be nostalgic about this, right?  Well that is not moi! I can be but not in the mood for that right now. I am dizzy and I can’t sleep again.

It was an awesome feeling! Now I feel jetlagged. 🙂 I feel like I just got off the plane after 15 hours straight flight from Asia. It’s weird feeling this way.

Ok, it won’t be a novel for today. I just wanted to share this awesome experience tonight. If you are in the UK, you can either do this in Milton Keynes or Manchester at Airkix Indoor Skydiving.  It is amazing!

nytnyt xx

What else do you do at 3am?

So I got carried away with my previous blog. Thank you for taking time to read it, well to the ones who did. To the ones who can’t be buvvered, hope you get spots on your armpits! LOL Honestly, it was long so thank you my dears for your time.

My husband beside me is snoring like a Llama. He doesn’t know I’m talking about him again, and once he finds out, I will not get my breakfast in bed in a few hours. Oh please, he won’t divorce me for this. What can I say, the man needs me. 🙂 Yup, or else who will wash his clothes, iron for him, cook for him, scratch his —– back, trim his toe nails and pluck the tiny hairs on his nose and his eyebrows? Should I go on? And free of charge people! I guess wives like me deserve to be on the pedestal, huh? Who’s raising eyebrows there, mind your own biz! Haha That’s how you look after your man people. The Good Wife. Oh I love that series. I’m crazy, I know. 🙂

I can’t sleep because I was too moved by what I saw tonight. The London Paralympic Games 2012 opening ceremony was indeed an emotional event. These Paralympians are the real winners. They are true inspiration to us, esp to youngsters. If they can do it, we all can. I am truly proud of these athletes. It was also nice to see a friend walking so poised with the athletes. Ok I am not going to cry because I am enjoying my midnight snack at the moment. Haha But I can’t wait to watch the games. I watched the Olympics everyday, and I had a blast just watching the games on tele.

I shouldn’t really eat at this time after what I said about health MOT I had in my previous blog.  I’m a pig! I admit it, and it’s gluttony – a sin. I should be thinking of the hungry people in the world. But to be honest, I haven’t done this for ages.  Although last weekend, I went to a dinner party and they served us non-stop with delicious Vietnamese food. I pigged out again. What’s new? Well that’s all we do in England after long days of hardwork – cook, party, eat, and laugh a lot! Our parties are alcohol free, and all about food! You don’t need alcohol to go wild, just be with Filipinos. It’s true. I have Gaviscon ready all the time.

I wonder what most people do at 3am, aside from dreaming? What do you do at this time when you can’t sleep? Oh don’t tell me, I don’t really want to know. I was just wondering because I am still up, eating. Haha!

I stayed on Twitter tonight than Facebook. I can’t stand people sometimes on FB who patronize too much. I mean all they do is write on somebody’s wall that they care, they are there for them. That’s bullshit! How can you be there for someone when you’re just saying it?  I feel sad for these people really because they rely on their FB imaginary friends. Sad. You can say I’m one of them coz I’m also on FB. Haha But let me tell you a story. When I was in Manila, I bumped into a High School batchmate (who is in my fb friends list) and I said hello. She didn’t recognise me. She asked for my name, so I told her. When I mentioned FB, she remembered because she always likes my posts. See there, I’m just someone who is used to relieve other people’s boredom. Haha But really, some people are such a lick ass to friends who are famous, or married to someone with a name coz they get freebies from them, ya know? Oh yeah! Free meals, trips, expensive gifts, hoping they will also be included in the will when these rich people die. Haha! Ok, ok, not nice but true!  Every time, this person is the first one to patronize, I tell ya! I was dumped by that person the moment that person met this other friend of mine who has money. Nuff said!

Anyway, I’ve learned so much from people who are users, kiss and tell, ass lickers, etc. Common denominator, never trust them. Trust is one thing you can’t win back once broken.  Ok Dr Phyll is tired.

Are you bored? Me too. Yawning.  nytnyt 🙂


Go Team GB!


Go Team Philippines!

Are you bored now? Me too.  Yawning.

Just being me… :-)

It is nearly 2am and I am still up, which rarely happens these days as I have lived like an old woman since becoming a ‘mummy’ (that’s mother in the UK ok, not the Egyptian mummy haha). I’m in bed by 8pm like my daughter. Can you believe it? But not all the time. I still sleep very late like tonight when my brain is cooking with ideas.

I never thought a night owl like me could turn into an early bird since having a baby, or shall I say since being pregnant. Motherhood really changed me. Something I always looked forward to. I used to sleep at 3am when I was single, my normal bedtime after doing a show or gigs. Even later sometimes. I was not really a night life kinda gal during my younger years either, always a homebody. Though I had my great days of fun going to clubs and discos, occasional drinking but without smoking. Yes, I didn’t smoke! Never! Not even a pot. I only smelled it from hanging out with friends who smoked pot.  Now I didn’t try to be a clean girl, I tried to smoke but I didn’t like the taste of it, yuk!  I couldn’t inhale it in my body. It wasn’t me.  But eating, Yes, that’s me! Haha! To some friends who said I smoked, tell me exactly how, when and where? Just because you did, it doesn’t mean that I did too.  I NEVER smoked, full stop! 🙂

Experts say that the best way to express your thoughts is through writing. Well screw the experts because I’ve had enemies since I started expressing what’s on my mind in writing. I may not be the most intelligent writer on earth but I can only do one thing, write from my heart. Ain’t the type who would research synonyms of a simple word and use the harder one just to show I am in-tel-li-g-ent. Oops, did I hit the spot? I mean I do speak my mind, and often misinterpreted no matter how careful I am with the words I use. And it will always be twisted by someone else to make you look bad, mark my word. Proven and tested, approved by UK Dental Association. The smileys, haha, lol, lmao, lmigrofhtkfuu, they don’t matter, even if you write it in the funniest way to someone. Once a person is convinced that you are a biatch, you will remain a biatch in their eyes forever. People are funny, aren’t they? Judgemental in so many ways. Paranoid in so many ways too. True. I’ve met people I haven’t met in my life and they think I am what they heard I am. Well guess what, I have two words for you – bless you! Even some of my old friends I knew for over a decade suddenly changed for no reason. Being straightforward is far from being a bitch. I am not. I’m honest and realistic, and often forgiving. And that means you don’t know me if you think I am a bitch. This is me, no more – no less. Most of you don’t want to know this, so stop reading this then! Shoo! So many people out there can’t express how they feel. They are bursting to say it but afraid to be judged. For some people, image is very important even if it’s not them. So I guess I like who I am for being straightforward because once I’ve said my piece, I’m done. Unlike a few I know who pretends to be friends with people but they stab them in the back. Pretending to be religious but fake. Again, image. I’ve been judged so many times, and it came to a point that I don’t care anymore what people think of me. I have my own world, and I don’t mean any harm by being distant sometimes. My world is my family. Family is my happy place. I looked after my herd well, that’s why probably I have a successful family. I CHOOSE THEM.

I’ll tell you one thing I’ve learned about life – it is damn busy. Yup like now, we are all on Facebook, busy, right? Haha! We write on our status  ‘busy’ but always forget to add ‘ here on Facebook’. If you are busy, then no time for FB. Full stop. But kidding aside, whether you are a parent or not, Life is busy. We are all in different stages. Respect! So always give your special friends the benefit of the doubt, coz you don’t know what they are going through. Stop entertaining bad thoughts about your friends. Stop the paranoia, stop listening to someone making you feel paranoid that he/she said this about you. Talk to the person right away. Stop the ‘Oh I didn’t get an invite’, ‘Why didn’t you tell me?’, ‘Been calling you, where were you?’ attitudes. Who do you think you are for me to report everything that I do and justify myself whenever you don’t hear from me? There are people who can’t be bothered to drop a single hello on Facebook, and you expect news to reach you? I ain’t a radio to announce what’s going on in my life my dears. LIFE is busy!

Call your friends, speak to them, say hello to them. Simple. I used to call friends here and abroad a lot and send little messages every now and then. I still do sometimes but it can be tiring being the one who calls, who remembers, who greets, who asks how they are, and others don’t even bother to reply. Like greeting them on their birthdays and they can’t be bothered to reply a simple ‘ Thank you’. Good people say ‘thank you’, esp if you were friends for a long time. People who are not my friends even say ‘thank you’ when I greet them, but for a friend to forget you is not acceptable. Yes, there should be no expectations, but I’m pertaining to ‘respect’ for the friendship. The fact that a few of my so-called friends can’t even be bothered to drop a line on Facebook and greet me a little birthday greeting, shows that they don’t really care. But if they don’t like something I’ve written on my status update, a disappointing comment is expressed in public. They don’t even say ‘hi, how are you?’  and they react just like that. 

There was a time I wrote a friend a long personal message and didn’t even hear a reply, and there I was, opening up and hoping that that friend could spare a time to listen. But no, I was ignored TOTALLY. But as what England taught me: ‘Am I buvvered?’ Oh yes I am buvvered because I care! Sometimes I feel stupid remembering people, but what the heck, The Lord said – don’t expect in return. So give without expecting. I stopped expecting from my friends to avoid feeling disappointed. If they remember me, great, if they don’t I try to just forget it and do what I need to do. I don’t justify myself anymore. I understand Life is busy, so I hope I am also being understood the same way. Don’t get me wrong though, I do appreciate the ones who send me messages out of the blue, which is the sweetest. You know who you are my luvs, and I want you to know that you will always be in my heart. I know who really cares and I know the ones who don’t. But I still care about my friends, and I hope that I touched your lives the way you have touched mine.

When I had my miscarriage almost 3 years ago, a few friends knew about it for the main reason that they were more in contact with me constantly esp on Facebook and mostly my UK friends and family knew about it. I could have announced it if I reached my 3rd month, but that was the time when I unexpectedly lost it. When something like this happens, would you have time to contact friends abroad and tell them? Or announce your misfortune on Facebook? No! I was devastated and still a few took it wrong that I didn’t tell them. I don’t have to explain myself, not when these things happen. I was devastated and no one was with me except my family, but I didn’t expect from people because I like to be on my own in times like this. It took me a year to get over it. It was a very painful experience. I am not even apologising for not saying anything. If you were my friends, you should know better.

We can’t please everybody. We can’t be friends with everybody. That’s impossible. We can’t avoid having conflicts because we are all different people. We think differently.  Even a normal family has conflicts – Parent to kids, siblings, married couples – can’t get along, what more with other people you are not related to at all? And you know what, it’s tiring to please people. I used to do this but I’ve learned my lesson. I have no more energy to do this. If you like me, great. If you don’t, fine. Next please!

To be ‘you’ is the best friendship you can give me and to be ‘me’ is the least I can do. I can keep your secrets signed & sealed, but i’ll deliver it once you bitch about me, haha! I am not the type who would relay someone’s secret once I hear something, like someone I used to know, Ehheeeem! A kiss and tell, whether drunk or not drunk! Yup! Proven and tested my dears. I believe if a friend starts bitching about you, it will be done again and again. nuff said.

I don’t need patronizing people if they don’t mean what they say. I am what I am. I don’t want praise, I don’t want pity. (sing with me lol) Not me my dahlings. N+O=NO! If it’s not from your heart, don’t say anything. I would rather see you outside my door, surprise me, and just give me a tight hug without saying a word. But don’t be fake to me. I don’t need it. What you see is what you get, that’s moi.

I don’t really get it when suddenly someone is against you without telling you why. Suddenly I am dumped, banned, shooed!  If an old friend you haven’t spoken to for a long time suddenly rings you, would you treat it unimportant? I don’t think so. But on FB, they comment. You think I’m stupid and not able to read between the lines, when actions speak louder than words? Whatever happened to baby Jane, I mean, to talking? There were times I didn’t have enough money for my trainfare to go to London but because I tried to be a friend, I tried my hardest to spend time with friends. And even if against my will to leave my happy place  (hubby and daughter), I went out of my way to spend time with them. You are special if I stay over 24 hours in your house because I don’t like leaving my hubby and my child. But suddenly I was treated like I never existed just because the power of a single story overruled their empathy. Ooops sounding like a lawyer now – sustained!

Sometimes we don’t see what we have, and we seek for something else that’s never there. My family is my ultimate dream. Whatever I’ve done in my life were just part of my work. Family is my first priority now and that’s why probably I have a successful one. I was proud (and still am) that my talent took me to where I am now. Having a loving husband who really cares for me, for who I really am, is the best. He is my bestfriend (well aside from my sis, my high school bff, my college bff, Germany bff, Italy bff,  Bedford bff lol). I can talk to him. And not all men do that to their spouses. I don’t think he is sick of listening, hope not.  Of course, we have bad times too, like every normal couple, and don’t you dare say ‘oh my husband and I don’t fight’. Rubbish!  We all do, and that’s how you grow as a couple. More arguments, the better you know each other because that’s how your true colours are revealed. My mum’s  right – ‘First 7 years of marriage is always a trial period.’ She maybe right there, just not sure why it has to be seven years.   🙂

I don’t mean to brag but since I had a baby, whenever Garry can, he brings me breakfast in bed everyday. EVERYDAY! I am not exaggerating, but he does. He gets up, makes fresh cappuccino, either makes pancakes, a bagel or croissant, nothing fancy but he shows how much he loves moi. ‘Actions speak louder than words’ as the saying goes.  I can imagine him grinning whilst reading this. Lab choo! lol To feel how someone cares for you is the best. One can have a partner, but dead in everything (in conversation, in social life, in bed). I know  a lot of women who don’t get the attention they need from their husbands because they are way too busy making a fortune, and they are just lavished with material things, but I can read ‘unhappiness’ and ‘loneliness’ in their eyes. So I thank God for having a partner in life who gives me his time, affection and love. I don’t have to ask permission if I want to buy something I like (not that I will spend a fortune, we don’t have such funds), or send money to help my mother.  The best is he loves my country. Everytime he is in the Philippines, he sees the beauty of it, not the ugly side of it. I have never heard him criticized my homeland. He is truly a God’s blessing in my life. I don’t need anymore attention from people who do not actually care, because I have him who will love me forever. I feel so loved, and that’s enough. Probably why a few create stories against me because they are unhappy, and they can see that I am actually happy. We don’t have money but we are very happy together. Through thick and thin, we will stay together. He doesn’t have the castle to offer me but I am sheltered with true love. We can always work for money, but never for love. We don’t compete with our friends with big houses and expensive cars. I have already proven how unimportant material things are in life.  These things can disappear in a blink of an eye, so pay your credit cards people. LOL 🙂

All I live for is my family. I was given my greatest blessing, my daughter. NO OFFENSE but not everyone has this blessing. Again, I’m speaking for myself. I am grateful I wasn’t so career oriented during my performing days. I chose to have a family when I reached my 30th birthday. Yeah, yeah, idealistic as it sounds, but not really. I didn’t want to be an old mummy so I can actively enjoy playing with my child. Plus when you reach your 30s, it gets harder for a woman to conceive, problems arise more as we age.

Thing is, people are under the spell of FAME nowadays, freakin’ Xfactor, which I understand. We all want to be seen on tv, be famous, for the greed of having so much money. But you are missing the important part of life – your worth, your purpose and acceptance of your purpose. We all need to give meaning to our existence but not through buying expensive clothes, shoes, bags, big houses, and show off your friends on FB your assets just to throw a picture that you are doing well. Are you doing well within?

Have you done any charity work in your life, like giving back perhaps and feed the hungry children?  Look around you, and see for yourself. I used to volunteer for a charity, been of service when I was in the Philippines and been able to experience helping the needy. Such a great feeling and I miss it. That’s why I just couldn’t understand people in Britain moaning about not having enough. They haven’t seen what poverty is all about. I don’t think one is lucky to be living in a spoiled country, with privileged people complaining. Nuff said.

I felt useless when I left home because my eyes got exposed to material things and other influences of the Western world – buying what I never had in the Philippines, enjoying independence I never had there. But even if I had all the things I wanted, it was never enough for me, because there’s this me who wanted to share what I have, what I know, what I’ve learned from being away and give back. That’s why our school was born many years ago – teaching made me a transformed being from the spotlight to giving back. That’s a fulfillment. I am done with what I did before, although I admit that I miss being on stage but I choose family. In life, we have to make choices. Who will look after my only child? You can’t do both at the same time and be successful. One suffers all the time, and I tell you, it won’t be my family.

Ok I’m kinda tired now. Good night.

Next episode of being me will happen soon, my crew is not available for filming. Yawning. :-))))))

Losing weight my way…

Cut the —– FAT! That’s me telling myself off. 🙂

My husband and I eat like a horse. True. We love our food, and cooking together in the kitchen is one of our favourite things to do. We love rice, esp moi, being a Filipino. Garry loves to eat rice too since being with me. He is a fan of Asian cuisine, and I’m a fan of English Sunday roast and puddings.

We had an epiphany one day, so we decided to have a health MOT. We both had a blood test to check our cholesterol level (know our HDL and LDL level). HDL or High-density lipoprotein, so-called “good cholesterol” which should always be higher than your bad cholesterol, LDL or Low-density lipoprotein. According to the doctor, Garry’s bad cholesterol level was way too high for his age and he was at risk for having a heart attack any moment. Scary. Mine was not as bad. My HDL is still higher than my LDL but overall my cholesterol level is slightly higher than the normal, but not as bad as Garry’s. So we decided to just cut the FAT in our daily meals, exercise, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We have a child, and we need to be there for her. We want to be there when she gets married, until we see our grandchildren. Health is wealth as they say. So people, we have free NHS, go and have your cholesterol checked. Know where you are. A friendly advice. 🙂

We stopped putting butter and cream cheese on bagels, clotted cream on scones. We said goodbye to that. Garry eats porridge for breakfast and he doesn’t add sugar, he puts honey. I eat fruits with 0% fat Greek yoghurt, with a bit of honey. Oh yummy! But we sometimes treat ourselves with pancakes too, and Sunday roast. We bake cookies and cakes sometimes to treat ourselves. All in moderation. You can eat anything basically but avoid fatty foods if you can and have a low sugar treats.  We stopped frying too, we grill or bake meat/fish. We steam all our vegetables. If we fry, we don’t put oil because all meat has it’s own natural oil, and with a non-stick frying pan, no need to add oil. I suggest sunflower oil if you use oil in your cooking, as it has low saturated fats than vegetable oil. I still eat rice everyday. Half cup of rice is a good portion for me, even in dinner, and I lost over a stone since last year. Slowly but surely. I also exercise. I am so into the world of mastering the art of kickboxing, which I started many years ago, but I stopped for 3 years. Now I’m back!

We stopped eating cracklings, no more crispy skin of a roast chicken. I still love the bones though. Haha! That will never change.  We eat lots of fish and even our daughter, Alyanna, loves fish. She eats basically anything, even ‘laing’, a spicy Filipino favourite made of taro leaves in coconut milk with chillis. I do admit though that sometimes I break the rules. I don’t know any Filipino who can avoid to eat lechon (roast pork), esp. the crunchy roasted skin or the pork crackling as we call it here in Britain. But I’m better now, I have learned to control myself. Well, with Garry around to tell me off, of course.  Garry’s been fab eating healthy and exercising. He is slimmer than when I met him. He looks great, and remember he doesn’t diet. He eats normal. He treats himself with a beer occasionally. Beer can cause high cholesterol too, according to the doctor. So most men will go, ‘Oh no!’…  I know. That was Garry’s first reaction.

I do not believe in Atkins, Vegan, Dukan diet, or any high protein diets cutting all carbohydrates. I tried it, and I hated it. It was like being a prisoner. I felt depressed and weak because deep inside I knew something was lacking. I always tired.

I also stopped using so much salt in my cooking. If it’s not necessary, I don’t put salt at all. I have always managed not to use so much salt anyway, since having Alyanna. She never had salt content in her food, and I made them all fresh when she started eating. Even baby food, I made them all. I only used jars when we go away. But at home, I cooked them fresh.

I almost had a high blood pressure last year, but when I started cutting salt in my diet for weeks (as adviced by the doctor), everything’s been normal and I felt great actually.

We have proven that cutting carbohydrates is not the answer to losing weight. Being thin doesn’t actually mean you are healthy either. Eating mainly protein can also cause you cardiovascular disease. We need all the basic food groups in our daily diet. People with poor eating habits lack the nutrients our body needs and are prone to depression. So eat, and it doesn’t mean that if you have finished a full plate, you are fat the next day. It’s all about eating in moderation.

We eat carbs, and managed to lose weight. Just cut the fat, and lessen your salt intake, if you can. Proven by us. I am 41 now and I strongly feel I need to do something before it’s too late. When you do all these crazy diets, you tend to put on weight twice as fast if you can’t maintain it. Whilst in exercising, and eating normal, you know where you are and you will feel better.

Have a nice day and smile!  Be blessed!  🙂

From inspiration to desperation…

Straight after the Olympics, there goes the airing of Xfactor once again. For sixteen days, kids, teens and adults were inspired, hopeful and proud. They saw themselves doing what the athletes have achieved. They started dreaming to be like them, that someday they will also feel the positive global acceptance and respect that were given to them. They saw the triumphant athletes return to their homelands with pride, whether they brought medals or not for their countries. I have never seen my child so inspired with her swimming lessons, and to hear ‘Mummy, I want to be in the Olympics too’, only proved the great impact of the games and athletes to youngsters.

I watched the Xfactor tonight, and I can’t believe it! After supporting consistently London 2012, I did watch Xfactor and I am sorry to say, that was totally downgrading. I felt like a different person all of a sudden, like I was one of those mean judges telling the contestants how untalented they are. I found myself under the spell of the critics, laughing at people’s mistakes, humiliating them on live television. I probably didn’t notice the impact of watching these programmes but now I do after the Olympics. I am not that kind of person at all. I speak my mind but I also speak using my heart. There is a huge difference between honesty and being rude. Judges can be honest without being rude and offensive, but they obviously spice it up for public. That’s what the public wants to see, but not me. I care for the youth, I care for my child’s future. I know how to motivate my students, and push them to be successful, not to criticize them and tear their dreams apart.

See, this is what people like to talk about, bitch about others instead of praising people and see beyond the tiny mistakes they do. Some of those kids who had potentials tonight but were told, ‘you should not be singing’, can improve with proper voice training they deserve. But then, instead of being motivated to improve, they were insulted. An old man who sang a contemporary song, and actually did a good job, was told ‘I fell asleep after that’. Horrid. Disrespectful. This rudeness on live television is passed on to this generation. Our kids are picking every single word from the judge’s mouth. Of course, it depends on the parents whether to allow the kids or not to watch Xfactor. But all these talent shows have been introduced at schools for quite awhile now, so there is no escape. I guess what I’m trying to say is now that London 2012 is over, we are back to being desperate. Suddenly there is lack of integrity, grace, honour and respect by airing Xfactor straight away after Olympics. It is not a nice transition.

Good night…


We only need that ONE day…

If there is one thing that has given me a huge impact to dream once again after what I’ve been through this year, it is the London 2012 Olympics. That ONE day when Team GB won 6 Gold medals, including the amazing victory of Jessica Ennis and Mo Farah, who grabbed the Gold medals with so much pride and determination. It was the day of a new me.

It is not my first time to write a blog, but it is my first time to go public. I have posted a few blogs on Facebook, notes as they call it, but only for friends to read. I admit I am not the type of blogger who speaks with powerful words of wisdom. I only speak from my heart.

I lost my mother just a few months ago, and this was the most devastating experience for me. She was my rock, my inspiration, my strength. Now I will not bore you with my sentiments here ok. I am quite realistic. Life goes on, I know. Although I will not deny that deep inside, my heart could not find it’s old tune to sing again. I discovered a different kind of strength when my Mum passed away. Inspite of financial difficulty me and my sister have been through (and are still going through) in paying the hospital expenses, we are keeping our faith and being hopeful that everything will be fine. I prayed so hard to give me strength and show me a sign, like a light somewhere in this dark tunnel we are in. I left my homeland (Manila) with a heavy heart. I felt that part of me was missing, even if I know my husband and my daughter are going to be there for me. I felt I’m leaving my sister alone to deal with her loss, to deal with all the important things I should be doing with her. I tried to move on by distracting my thoughts in doing a few gigs, and continue the things I have been doing. I told myself, I can’t just sit around and cry. I need to keep going and do something. I realised that it’s not what happens to you, but how you handle it is the only thing that matters.

When the Olympics happened, I was inspired and energised by the positive spirit of the athletes, their determination to win, and the positive attitude even if they failed. That ONE day was like a new beginning, more than just an inspiration. So many crazy ideas bogged me to make it happen. The best is the positive impact of Olympics to my daughter who was so inspired and started dreaming of becoming an Olympian someday. Well we’ll see because she has too many dreams at the moment. Haha I know that I should thank myself, not the Olympics, because it is only ourselves who can be our life coach, no one else. We may find inspiration from what we see from others, but it is only ourselves who will and can do it.