Being you is important…

I admire people who are not shy to show their poor upbringing, their poor families and relatives back home in the Philippines, and I see them so happy. They are proud to show that on Facebook too. I know some people who only show off photos of their rich relatives’ huge houses but not their small houses in the Philippines. Be who you are and never be ashamed to show where you came from. If you have a strong bonded family, despite not having so much money, BE PROUD! It’s not always about money.

We were not rich when I was growing up, and still not rich at all, don’t get me wrong. My Mom was a single parent who raised three kids on her own, and was able to give us a great life by working so hard. She didn’t have to work abroad for us to live a good life, and she’s helped a lot of her poor relatives too. Now that she’s gone, I realised how much I’ve learned from her, and I understood eventually why she kept helping people. My Mom always told me: ‘When you help wholeheartedly, you don’t remember everything you did, you just move on and keep helping.’
I will never forget that… 🙂

Life is not about our social status, nor about peer pressure (they have a big house, I should have one too mentality), nor about ownership, nor a competition. It just goes on, and no matter what situation we are in, we just have to deal with it. Most importantly, learn to be HAPPY… Think of what you can do to make you feel good, and make others feel better…

It’s so good to be back!