Best birthday gift…

Today is the 22nd January, my actual birthday and I’m happy to tell the whole world that I’m 42! Hurrah! 🙂

I had the best dream early this morning. My Mommy was with me on my birthday. I can’t believe it! 🙂 We hugged, we talked, we laughed. It was such a beautiful dream. It felt real. That’s my birthday wish and it came true. All I want is to see her again, and it happened. I woke up so happy this morning. Thank you Mommy for being with me on my birhday. I know you will always find a way to be with me. You never miss my birthday, in fact, our birthdays. You always made the impossible possible in your own way. You are incredible and I miss you so much! Thanks for being with me today. I had no plans to celebrate at all but you made me so happy in my dreams, and that gave me a reason to celebrate. Best birthday gift indeed! I love you, forever and always! xxx
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