The month of LOVE…

Whenever February starts, there is only one thing in mind – Valentine’s Day! 🙂

January has been such a busy month for me, that’s why I haven’t written for awhile. Very grateful though for all the blessings that showered the beginning of my 2013. Hope blessings come your way too as we celebrate Chinese New Year this weekend, Year of the Snake. Well I’m  not Chinese but I do believe in some Chinese traditions. I believe that snake is goodluck. My mum always told me that. Everything in our house was quite Chinese, and red was my Mum’s favorite color. Red is the color of goodluck she said. But for me, it’s the color of LOVE.

I was such in a great mood the other day trying to squeeze in an hour for my fruit shopping at the Saturday market after teaching the whole morning. An hour because after that my daughter had to do another dance class.  So I left her and my hubby at home whilst I do my shopping.

An unexpected incident happened at the car park. I have encountered the most horrid man in our town. I was patiently waiting for a car to move so I can take her spot when suddenly a red car blocked the car I was waiting for to leave. The man had two young girls with him, assuming his daughters. He wasn’t very happy at all as I was blocking his way to turn left. He got out of his car and suddenly shouted at me to move as he needed ‘his’ space to leave the car park. I opened my window, calmly replied and said my piece nicely. I was there first waiting for the car to leave before he started blocking my spot. I asked nicely if he can do a little reverse to give way for the car, so that I can park and then he can make his move. Give and take. But the man refused to reverse his car, got angry instead and called me a ‘bitch’. I was there first and I’m a bitch. Wow! He didn’t move at all. So the car I was waiting for had no choice either but wait till the red car moves. Even if I reverse my car, there was no space for this red car to turn left since it was a very narrow single way. I can’t go forward either as there was another car there. He was really giving me and the other car a hard time.  Finally the car this man blocked was able to move as the car infront of her left. But still there was no space for me to take the spot as he was still there blocking my way. Luckily the car infront of me gave way for me so I can go around the red car, which I did. As I was going around the ‘gentleman’ in the red car, I looked at him, shook my head while he called me names. I gave in for him and I ended up being verbally abused. I felt sorry for this man with two girls witnessing their father’s attitude. 

After that incident, I stayed in the car for about 5 minutes just to breath and calm myself down. I closed my eyes and reflected on what just happened. If I was short tempered like this man, I would have ended being hurt by a man like him. I was already being assaulted by a stranger, so I thought what I did was right – to stay calm and just wait for this man to leave. But I also realized that you can’t expect a stranger to be nice all the time. It only shows that there are unhappy people out there who are not loved. To show LOVE, you need to feel loved. A man who is happy won’t act that way esp a father to two young pretty girls. As I got out of the car to get a parking ticket, the woman inside the car I was waiting for to leave was still there. She asked me if I was alright. Now that was nice. I felt relieved that someone saw what happened. 

Was my day ruined?  NO! I did what I had to do in town. I went home in one piece, composed and calm. I told the story to my husband and he gave me a big tight HUG.

So, the month of LOVE may not be all about the LOVE you’re expecting but still – spread it, show it, feel it! I know it’s not what you expected to read from the title of this blog. You thought I was going to be nostalgic, right?  Haha Gotcha! 🙂 

At the end of the day, it is us who can choose how we want to be in every situation. I chose to be myself, I chose to be safe than sorry, I chose to come home to my beloved family. 

Have a nice day! 🙂