Rocking Amsterdam!

Finally, a few days to spend some time with my hubby. Well not really alone because our girl is with us, but happy enough to have some family time.


The last time I visited Amsterdam was 13 years ago, just before I moved to the UK. I lived just two hours away from Amsterdam.


I missed their famous Patatja Oorlog, chips with satay sauce (or any types of sauces really, but for me, satay sauce is the best).

I’ve been to this City a few times but I never got the chance to visit Anne Frank’s house/museum. We had a great time there, and it’s so different to see where and how she lived. My daughter had a great time and felt so blessed to be there.


We had the chance to meet up with a great friend, Eladio, who happened to be there too in Amsterdam. We got to see him on the cruise ship. He’s the only Filipino singer in the ship. 🙂

We also got to see the world arena touring production of WE WILL ROCK YOU musical, as my hubby works there. We had a party! A fellow Filipino actor, Mig Ayesa, plays the lead Galileo and he’s fantastic!