All I want for Christmas…

Did you have a great Christmas? Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas, we did! Inspite of not feeling 100%, as I have been unwell since the week before Christmas, I had a lovely time with my hubby and daughter, and with closest friends.


I am so blessed with great friends around me who selflessly looked after me since my mother’s passing last year. I still miss my Mom terribly esp during this festive season. I used to send a jumbo box full of goodies for her as she loved opening presents and distributing them one by one to the rest of the family. Although I am a bit better this year than last year, I still can’t deny the fact I have moments when I suddenly find myself in tears, missing her, like this morning.


We’ve been partying from one house to another, indulging on festive food made by lovely friends. Our Christmas tree was full of presents from our friends and students. We are so blessed with great friends, and I really want to thank them all for their love and support, for simply being there.

Above all, I am specially grateful for my beautiful family. My family’s always there for me and together we help each other fight the pain and rather think of the great memories we’ve had with Mommy. My hubby and my daughter are my LIFE!  They are the reason why I am strong, why I am proud, why I am happy. I have everything I want for Christmas. It would have been perfect though if my baby sister’s with us too. Next year, it will happen! We will be together.  🙂


Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!  x


Their success is my success…

Two fantastic news cheered me up the last couple of weeks. First, my 13 year old student, Lauren Marler, passed the crucial auditions for MATILDA The musical in the West End, London. Yes, she is going to be in the show next year! Amazing! She’s a brilliant kid, very determined and focused. Her dance training at Sylvia Bebb School of Ballet and Performing Arts since she was little made her dreams come true. Sylvia and the rest of her team are all dedicated to their craft, professionals and passionate in teaching children to be great dancers. In the real world of performing, we need to dance, sing and act. Singing is where I come in and my husband handles the acting. We’ve done our best to help Lauren perform her singing, taught her techniques to bring out the best in her vocals and did her monologues realistically. We are so happy for Lauren. Congratulations once again my dear Lauren! I couldn’t be prouder! 🙂


Another student of mine who just recently been successful is my 17 year old student, Elise De Wit. She made it to the FINALS of The Open Mic UK nationwide competition.  Hurrah! 🙂  Open Mic UK is a national music competition for singers and solo artists in the UK. Almost 9,000 hopefuls auditioned all over UK, and Elise made it to the final 8!
Once bullied at school, had a low self-esteem and didn’t know how good she was but the past 2 years of training with me, she blossomed into a happy young lady who is slowly gaining confidence to pursue her dreams.

I am so proud of her.  Looking forward to the Grand Finals!