Beyond Beauty or Beyond Ugly?

Yesterday, 25th March 2014, 10.30am, I encountered a very disrespectful woman in a salon in Bedford. I have never been to this salon as this was one of my birthday treats from my husband.

At 10.30 am yesterday, I arrived on time, happy and very enthusiastic. 🙂 I went to this salon called ‘Beyond Beauty’ to have my nails done and I gave this woman a happy ‘Good Morning’ and was excited about the experience. I have never been into a nail salon in the UK. Never. I find it too expensive to have your nails done in a salon in the UK. I have a friend who does my nails for nothing, but since this was a present, I was really looking forward to it.

So this woman at the salon asked me,”Did you find the salon alright?” I replied with politeness, ”My appointment was supposed to be last Friday and I re-scheduled it today as I got lost and couldn’t find your salon. Unfortunately, it took me half an hour to find it last Friday that’s why it’s re-scheduled for today. It is not easy to find it I’m afraid”. The woman suddenly became defensive and said “We’ve been here three years and all our customers are ok with the location.”, looking at me from head to foot.  I was wearing my gym outfit as I was going to my Body Attack class after the pampering. I didn’t look glamorous for a salon. Haha I’m sure all your regular customers are alright with your location since they are familiar with it, but I am a first time customer here. Her reply didn’t make sense to what I told her. I had a hard time, and I got lost for half an hour. Full stop. You can’t change my experience. The other employee of Beyond Beauty was very apologetic last Friday when I said ‘I got lost, sorry.’ And she even agreed with me that the salon is in an odd location. ODD because no one would know that it is on top of the dry cleaners unless you call or check the website. There was no sign outside the dry cleaners shop if you are coming from St. Loydes St. No signs on the front door, on the windows, nothing. I called the salon of course to ask where they are but there was no answer last Friday, until I asked a man at the dry cleaners pointing me to go upstairs. So I went out of the dry cleaners to look up and there was the salon. I passed this corner so many times but I didn’t notice upstairs as it was a covered walk way. You won’t see anything even if you look up unless you are about five metres away from the dry cleaners.

Location is not the issue here, it was the attitude of that woman to a first time customer. It was a very poor customer service.

Women go to salons to treat themselves, to feel good about themselves before and after the pampering. Salons make you feel like a different person because of being dolled up and looked after. People pay a fortune to feel good and look good, and not to be judged nor lectured by a stranger.

Now this woman’s job was to make my nails look pretty and clean. But all I got was her big mouth and attitude as she was obviously having a bad day. She was accusing me of being aggressive eventhough I wasn’t. How can I? I had a great morning as hubby and I had a morning copulation before going to my appointment. 🙂 I was expressing my disappointment but I didn’t deserve such treatment.  I left the salon with disgust but I kept my patience and composure.

I just hope that my husband gets his refund from Groupon where he purchased this treat for me.

Thanks for reading. Just sharing my experience with ‘Beyond Beauty’ salon in Bedford. I don’t recommend this place at all. My (almost) first and last definitely.  I will never waste my time to a bad service.  🙂


9th March 2000

9th March 2000

Celebrating our 14th Church Wedding Anniversary… Church because we got married in 1999 in London before our Manila church wedding…

Thanking our beloved family and friends for the greetings… xxx

The Amazing LK…


Marcia Carbonilla, is one of the professional pioneers of Philippine Baranggay Folk Dance Troupe from the Philippines, who has been training Lahing Kayumanggi Dance Company in London for so many years now. I have seen how these lovely people work so hard to promote our Philippine culture to the world, and it’s been an honour to have been part of the family since 2010, even as a singer (and sometimes dancer).  I admire how everyone devotes their Sundays to rehearse and do their best to master our Philippine Folk dances, and perform non-stop in the UK and all over Europe for the last 20 years. They have been seen on Paul O’Grady Show on TV, concerts, galas, charity shows, Philippine Embassy events, and have produced their big annual shows. They are performing in Manila this year to mark their 20th year anniversary. Lahing Kayumanggi, based on what I’ve seen and experienced, is the only ‘professional’ Filipino dance troupe in the UK that will warm every Filipino’s and British audience’s hearts with the graceful flick of their hands, the sensual sway of their hips, their warm smiles, colourful costumes and props, incredible music and chants, professional musicians from the Philippines, and the dedicated volunteers who work so hard every week to improve their dancing skills. Keep up the good work guys and always feel proud to promote our beautiful culture and heritage. The person behind LK is the Philippine Baranggay veteran himself, Ronnie Barrio, who dedicated his time in helping people and making LK a success!  To all the talented LKyans, well done!  So proud to have been part of this family! Happy 20th Anniversary! Mabuhay ang Pilipino! x