Silence is the best response…

It is very hard to reconnect with people you haven’t been in contact with for decades. You actually don’t have any idea how to say ‘hello’ to break the ice.

High School friends, as they say, are the best friends you’ll ever have. There’s nothing like High School life, my Mom used to say. All the fun things happen when you’re in High School. I had a great time when I was in HS, friends were nice to me, bonded with me, and supported me.

When Facebook opened, I started reconnecting with my High School mates. It was great seeing them married, with children, being professionals, living in different countries, happy and successful. I love Facebook for that. It makes me smile whenever I see success stories of my friends. After over 20 years, to see them once again is such a blessing.

Unfortunately, there will always be the ones who are not happy for you and are not quite pleased with your success. The mean girls in High School are still mean after all these years. Disappointing behaviour since most of us are in our 40s now.

I have worked so hard all my life to make my dreams come true. Since I was in High School, all my friends knew how much I loved performing. I was not the most intelligent student but I was always dancing on stage, entertaining people. They didn’t know though that I could also sing as I kept that to myself. I was more active in dancing. That’s what I wanted to do in life, and I am so proud to say that I became my biggest dream.

In College, I started dancing on tv to earn extra cash, joined theatre companies to polish my acting skills, until one day I just found myself doing my dream musical outside Philippines. What I did in my performing career made me the person I am now as a Musical Theatre teacher and Vocal Coach. Now that I am in my 40s, giving back is my goal. I have made so many parents happy seeing their kids grow in confidence, passing their auditions, learning singing techniques, improving their vocal range and performance. It’s such a fulfilling job.

I have learned over the years how to react and behave on social networks. A simple ‘hello’ can lead to an angry post about you, with your name being mentioned. Or one of your 800 friends had been holding grudges against you, taking your posts personal even if it’s not about them, being envious about what you do or have achieved. Or one got angry because of not hearing a swift reply from you and decided to badmouth you. Loads of Chinese whispers, leading to paranoia, resulting to anger, ending in fights.

And to find myself being judged and humiliated by people who have no personal contact with me all these years is simply appalling and disrespectful.

I have learned to NOT reply, and keep my silence. I don’t pay attention to angry people. Others love to jump on the bandwagon even if they don’t know the real story, provoke a fight, stir up stories, ask for attention. I have learned that SILENCE is the best response because once you reply, it will never stop. All I feel about these type of people is PITY. They didn’t grow as a person. They will always find a way to destroy you, even in silence.

Sometimes giving people a second chance by being reconnected with them is not good. Better enjoy your present friends, who know you now. The ones from High School will always remember you the way you were in High School. 🙂