Goodbye Chief!


It was an emotional day for the family and special friends of Grandad Ray from Cottesmore House, who all came to honour his send off. Grandad’s wishes were respected – no religious service, no flowers, no singing. Only the American flag was there to symbolize his life in the U.S. Navy. It was simple, intimate, quiet, and actually very meaningful. Michael Gordon, who officiated the small ceremony, was very good as he read a brief life story of Ray and finished it with a beautiful poem by Henry Scott Holland. Robert Noakes (Bob), Garry’s older brother, spoke for the family and thanked everyone who came. Bob and Garry are just amazing esp in visiting their parents in two different nursing homes every week. After the short ceremony, the boys organised food and drinks at the pub across the crematorium. Unfortunately others had to go back to the Cottesmore House, whilst the family and a few friends stayed at the pub ’til evening. To all our family and friends who extended their condolences via cards, emails, text, and on Facebook, again, our heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you! Salamat po. xxx