And she turns 13!

Last 18th January, 2015, our girl celebrated her 13th birthday. Alyanna is officially a teenager! Can’t believe how time has flown by!  She was just a little baby and now a young lady.


Alyanna had a disco party for her 13th birthday. She had a total of 28 friends from her school who attended her party, and had an amazing time. We hired a very good DJ (DJ Nathan) who was absolutely brilliant in handling the party. He was nice, friendly and played my daughter’s favourites.

Massive THANK YOU to the Laursen family for helping out, all the guests who attended, DJ Nathan, and of course, my husband, Garry, for being such a wonderful daddy who made her girl so HAPPY.

Happy 13th Birthday, Alyanna! We love you so much! Always remember that…  xxx