What I’ve realized for the last 10 days…

It’s been 10 days since not being active on Facebook. I only go on Facebook to post on my business page. Yes I did read a little on my newsfeed but that’s it.

I’ve realized that out of your hundreds of contacts on Facebook, only one or two will bother contacting you outside of social network. It feels like you don’t belong to the world at all. It makes you feel like you have no friends at all if you are not on Facebook. It’s sad that I’ve become a victim of social network addiction.

But let me tell you too what I’ve accomplished in 10 days not being active on Facebook. I’ve realized that there is more to life than being hooked online. Yes, I am writing here and sharing my feelings with the world, hoping people will learn from my experience. I feel free in writing here.

Today, I spent all day with my family without looking at my phone and I tell you, it was an amazing feeling. Family talking, laughing, no selfies, our daughter more engaged in conversations and listening to each other. We had a great time.

We spent our Sunday by the lake, at the Box End Aqua Park just in the outskirts of Bedford, and we had a simple family day. The hundreds of contacts I’ve had are gone but I gained control of my life, and spending more time with the most important people in my life.

A friend told me that my hundreds of fb friends will get angry with me if they don’t hear from me on Facebook. Why was I not bothered by that comment? Do I feel lonely without the hundreds of people who used to tell me ‘I love you’ on Facebook? NO, not at all. I only need two people to tell me that they love me and I know they mean it.  😀

After 10 days, still the best decision I’ve made.

No Facebook = HAPPY ME.  Proven.  😀


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