Kickboxing with PT Lucio…

I started doing kickboxing when I moved to Bedford in 2000, with the world champion in Thai kickboxing, Nigel Thompson. He inspired me to continue and made myself fit doing this sport. I did it again after I gave birth to my daughter when she was two years old and started losing my pregnancy weight. I fell in love with kickboxing.

Then we moved to the North side of Bedford and joined the gym right by us. I stopped kickboxing for years since moving to Robinson Pool gym, until I moved to Fitness First and met this Personal Trainer named Lee, who trained with Nigel, and eventually did kickboxing again. I stopped boxing again after that for years as I went back to RP to do classes this time and got hooked doing Les Mills classes esp discovering Body Attack. Now that I am teaching FitSteps at Fitness First, I am finally doing it again with Personal Trainer, Lucio Adger. Although he just left Fitness First, he is still training people and helping them achieve their fitness goals. I am not sure now if I can afford him though outside Fitness First. Haha

PT Lucio is fantastic in kickboxing. He knows what he’s doing. Very strong and his techniques are brilliant. So anyone who wants to get fit, I recommend kickboxing with PT Lucio. He will push you.

If you want to contact him, here is his Facebook page.

So watch out you bitches, I am 46 years old and can really punch and kick hard. Out of my way!  LOL






Fitness First – best gym in Bedford

I am not being biased by what I’m about to say. I was a long time member of Fitness First Bedford before I moved to another gym, and then went back to FF since my husband started teaching there and became one of the Personal Trainers. I left because of doing Body Attack classes and FF didn’t offer this class during that time. My husband, Garry, did it first and got me hooked doing Body Attack class.

But let me tell you how happy I am to be back at Fitness First.

First of all, there are no cliques and favouritism at this gym.  Instructors just do their jobs, teach, then leave when finished. No favourites among the participants who are always being featured on social media. This is why I don’t feature one person on my page, I always show group photos. There’s no bitching from other gym members talking about other people’s lives after a class whilst having a coffee together. You will not find this at Fitness First because they have no cafe, although you can sit down and have a quick coffee from the machine. But in reality, the atmosphere is different. At FF, People work on their fitness goals with PTs. People go there to have a good workout, have fun in class, relax in the steam room/sauna, swim, shower and leave when they’re done. No smell of poo or dirty nappies around the pool or changing rooms. More quiet and relaxing. Always clean toilets and shower rooms. People, esp the staff, are very friendly, always smiling when you come in, greeting you and saying Thank you after. Management is fantastic. They do team building games everyday to bring positivity in staff relationship. No tension. Everyone is very helpful. Personal Trainers are so helpful, giving free trial sessions and very friebdly. I have sat there and observed what they do. They are really good with people.

Fitness First have great facilities, affordable membership, great classes, great instructors. May not be as new like the newly built one in Clapham but in general, it is a good gym to go to. My husband, Garry Noakes, is teaching loads of classes at FF now. FF gave him the opportunity to explore and use his skills. Not just one class, but loads of classes within a year of being there. FF gave me the opportunity too to introduce FitSteps there without begging for it. They asked me if I’m interested to do a class as they knew I am a FitSteps instructor and they wanted to introduce somethng new. They are so open there and very welcoming. No promises broken. When they say it, they will do it. So Thank you FF. Your members are benefiting from it. I try my very best to justify the way FitSteps should be delivered.

Overall, I recommend going to Fitness First. You will get the service you are paying for. That’s for sure.  No one will compare you to anyone. They have the best Personal Trainers in town who will help you achieve your fitness goals.

So, what are you waiting for?   Call Fitness First Bedford. 0344 571 2811 and look for PT Garry.  😀  

Glitz and Glam FitSteps night…

Just having a little night of FUN celebrating one year at Brickhill Community Centre! Loads of my FitSteppers couldn’t make it as it’s half term break but in two classes that I’ve been doing (one evening and one morning), I’ve had over 40 people coming to my classes. I’ve made great friends and met amazig people. I have the nicest bunch ever! Here’s to another year of fun classes!  Cheers everyone!

FitSteps masterclass with Ian Waite…


It is always good to refresh your skills and go back to basics to be able to improve and be better. As a FitSteps instructor, it is essential for me to keep myself motivated and through attending masterclasses, I know that I will benefit even more to give what my FitSteppers deserve – the best of FitSteps.

It was such a fun day to meet Ian Waite once again, had a laugh, learned new moves, and got inspired even more as an instructor.

I would like to thank David Lloyd Milton Keynes for the wonderful time I’ve had.

FitSteps with Viv is running in Bedford  every Wednesday – 7:15pm and Friday – 9:30am, Brickhill Community Centre.



FitSteps at the Bedford River Festival 2016

Look at my FitSteppers now! They are performing people, performing!  Yes, and  infront of a big crowd after just a few months of doing FitSteps with me. We did a FiSteps dance demo at the Sports Village stage, and we were able to deliver the message we wanted to tell people about FitSteps and how amazing it is to dance. Wish all of my FitSteppers were on stage with us but I’m only allowed a few people to dance with me due to limited space on stage. What I love about my class is the mixture of levels/abilities/ages, and they just go for it. Some of them had background in dance, even a professional dancer, and others never danced at all, and it proved today that what matters most is that you are enjoying what you’re doing. That if you put your heart and focus into something you really love, you will shine in every way. To all my FitSteppers, THANK YOU! I am so PROUD of everyone, not just the ones who performed last week, yesterday and today, but EVERYONE who does my class! xxx

What an amazing weekend indeed!  Boiling hot, but brilliant!

My FitSteps classes in Bedford:

Thursday at Renhold Village Hall, 8pm  (£5 otd)

Friday  at Brickhill Community Centre, 9:am (£5 otd)


FitSteps fun…

I’m very proud of my FitSteppers. I have the best ones in class and they are all really lovely. Thank you so much everyone. I’m loving every moment teaching you FitSteps. Some routines can be challenging but they are all good. So keeeeeeep dancing! 😀

My classes are every Wednesday at 7:15pm, and every Friday at 11am, Brickhill Community Centre, Avon Crive, Bedford. See you there! 😀


FitSteps FAB is coming…


New Year started with a bang! FitSteps training with the pros, Ian Waite and Natalie Lowe!  What more can I ask for? I had a great time learning the new FitSteps FAB that will be launched in March 2016.

FitSteps dance, not part of creative arts?

I was embarrassed when I advertised my Dance FitSteps on Creative Bedfordshire group on Facebook as I ended up asking myself, ‘FitSteps is not creative?’ The moment my Ad was posted, someone said that dance fitness is not part of creative arts, and that FitSteps has got no cultural potential or possibilities.

I was shocked by that reply that FitSteps is not part of creative arts. First, it’s obviously a dance fitness. It is a ballroom and Latin dance based dance workout. Dance is a major form of creative arts as it is self-expression, not just merely doing movements. It’s common knowledge that dance is part of creative arts, so as drama, so as singing.

This group did not specify what kind of creative arts they are talking about. You probably meant – crafts, pottery, painting, etc – but they were not even mentioned in the description. You need to be specific so you don’t mislead people.

Cultural potential/possibilities. Ok, let’s see. FitSteps is based on ballroom and Latin dance. Now when you hear Latin, that is not obviously of English heritage. So there is culture already just from the word LATIN. All ballroom dance came from different parts of the world. Tango originated from Argentina, Rumba originated from Cuba, Salsa originated from New York with strong influences from Latin America, Waltz originated from Vienna, Quickstep was actually danced first in the Caribbean before developed in New York, Jive originated from African-Americans in the USA, etc etc etc. So do not even start with me about cultural opportunities when it comes to dance. My Italian friends’ son is based now in Canada as a Principal dancer in the Canadian Ballet Company. I came to Europe because of my dancing/singing/acting ability, hired all the way from Philippines to do a musical, so do not even underestimate dance per se not being creative enough. All forms of dances are creative arts whether ballet, modern, contemporary, hip hop, tap, ballroom, FitSteps, Zumba.

Maybe you just need a better exposure to improve your ignorance about creative arts.



My first time to join RACE FOR LIFE this year and it was amazing! I ran 5K and I had the most wonderful time. Meeting people fighting cancer, people who lost their loved ones with cancer, and people simply supporting Cancer Research UK. Thank you to all my amazing friends who sponsored me. I raised £115 in total. I exceeded my target which was £100. Great day indeed! xx

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Exercise to be healthy, not for vanity…


I don’t take classes or go to the gym for vanity. First of all, I love to eat but I don’t just put every yummy cake in my mouth. I try to eat right like cutting FAT, although I admit I eat quite a lot of carbohydrates. I’m Filipino, I love rice. I ate rice since I was a child and I was never obese. I only started gaining weight when I gave birth to my daughter. It has been a yo-yo diet since then as I am not very good in following a diet. In fact I hate the word ‘diet’. Those high protein diets never worked at all, well, just for me. I always crave for rice when I’m eating Filipino food, or even other Asian food. It’s just not fun to eat Asian food without rice. So I found a great option to burn what I eat – exercise!
I exercise almost everyday to burn calories and try to be healthy as possible. I am not aiming to look like that body in the picture. NO! I just want to sweat it all out in this freezing weather, and continue motivating myself to be able to exercise consistently. Of course, I have to thank my husband too for being an inspiration. He’s the one who got me into Body Attack. He’s very good and fit for his age.

During my last blood test, which was ages ago (and I should be doing another one soon), my cholesterol level was quite above the normal but not so bad. I was advised to do exercise to fight high blood pressure and other illnesses. Everyone reaching their 40s should watch what they eat. It’s the stage where we develop illnesses from our bad food intake when we were younger. It’s the warning stage as they say.

I always had an active lifestyle. Taking a class is something I will always love to do. I have Zumba Wii at home, and other exercise DVDs but you know what, it is different when you go to a proper class as you get pushed to work harder.  I love doing Body Combat and Body Attack classes. Not so much into Zumba as a lot of teachers in our area don’t do the right Zumba. It should be fun, it’s a dance exercise, not aerobics. I’ve been to disappointing Zumba classes, so I gave up. Bokwa is another interesting dance exercise from LA, an African inspired dance workout. But it’s not as popular as Zumba yet, and hoping it will boom in my town by 2020. LOL  

Bottom line is we can change and make things work for us. It is easy to just stay in bed, watch tv all day, eat junk food and gain weight. It is really up to us to change. 

So come on, get your ass out of bed, and exercise! Whether you are walking at the park, biking around, it’s a start. Attend any class and just do it slowly. I felt so much better and even more energetic just a few months of classes. Now I can’t stop! LOL x

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