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New singing lessons flyer 2017


Open letter to Open Mic UK

I have been observing Open Mic UK singing competition since my student, Elise De Wit, made it to the Grand Finals of Open Mic 2013 in Birmingham, without fighting for a position through wildcard voting. I have raised eyebrows so many times in this competition esp when I see people getting through to the next round, with no voice, who sing flat, no performance, no personality, except a guitar or a piano, and the judges would always say, ‘we want them to perform as it is not just about the singing.’

This year, I had two students in the 16 below category, and they both sang brilliantly in the Regional finals. Michael Cotter is only 14 years old and the only boy who sang amazingly in that category, and didn’t get through to the Area finals. His version of Sia’s ‘Chandelier’ gave a lot of people goosebumps as his voice was flawless. Ok not the pop voice but no one his age has ever done such style. Unfortunately, the judges didn’t see that at all. Even the presenter himself, gave an amazing comment to Michael. Having all men panel of judges didn’t see that at all. But what really annoyed me was seeing like four people who didn’t deserve to get through. One sang ‘Quiet’ from Matilda musical, totally flat, out of tune and got through? And I was right as when I saw the same kid during the Area finals, she was absolutely out of tune! I was so furious that she got through and Michael didn’t! What were you thinking judges? One played ukelele, whispered, and got through? Geeeez!

Now my other student, Mea Ellease, was absolutely nervous during the Regional finals. That’s for sure. She fought back when she won the wildcard voting. She sang ‘Love You I Do’ by Jennifer Hudson (Dreamgirls). Now if the judges were fair enough to notice that massive change in her performance and amazing rendition, and self-confidence, she would have gotten a place at the Grand Finals which was totally well deserved.  Yes, I understand about what you’re looking for, a style. What style? Whining? Play guitar and scream at the microphone? Is that what singing is to you? No control, no performance, nothing! You should have at least acknowledged the change in Mea. That girl who sang Ariana Grande’s ‘One Last Time’, she was horrendous! She couldn’t hit any of the high notes, cracking, and looked liked she was going to bed with that denim long sleeved shirt. What were you thinking?  Oh yes, she was giving the performance, but can’t SING!

I will no longer let my students join this competition as it is obvious that there is something political going on with your judging. Absolutely disgusted by what I have witnessed.

Your wildcard voting charges £1 per text, XFactor charges 35p. And lastly, get a female judge in the panel.


The Amazing LK…


Marcia Carbonilla, is one of the professional pioneers of Philippine Baranggay Folk Dance Troupe from the Philippines, who has been training Lahing Kayumanggi Dance Company in London for so many years now. I have seen how these lovely people work so hard to promote our Philippine culture to the world, and it’s been an honour to have been part of the family since 2010, even as a singer (and sometimes dancer).  I admire how everyone devotes their Sundays to rehearse and do their best to master our Philippine Folk dances, and perform non-stop in the UK and all over Europe for the last 20 years. They have been seen on Paul O’Grady Show on TV, concerts, galas, charity shows, Philippine Embassy events, and have produced their big annual shows. They are performing in Manila this year to mark their 20th year anniversary. Lahing Kayumanggi, based on what I’ve seen and experienced, is the only ‘professional’ Filipino dance troupe in the UK that will warm every Filipino’s and British audience’s hearts with the graceful flick of their hands, the sensual sway of their hips, their warm smiles, colourful costumes and props, incredible music and chants, professional musicians from the Philippines, and the dedicated volunteers who work so hard every week to improve their dancing skills. Keep up the good work guys and always feel proud to promote our beautiful culture and heritage. The person behind LK is the Philippine Baranggay veteran himself, Ronnie Barrio, who dedicated his time in helping people and making LK a success!  To all the talented LKyans, well done!  So proud to have been part of this family! Happy 20th Anniversary! Mabuhay ang Pilipino! x

25th Anniversary celebration of STARLIGHT EXPRESS – Bochum, Germany



First of all, and before anyone raises their eyebrows, I did not do Starlight Express musical to be so excited in sharing my experience last Sunday. But the love and support that I have witnessed from this reunion was so moving, and I would like to share it with everyone. I have never seen a cast reunion like this. Everyone flew from different parts of the world, and you can feel how much they loved this show and each other. My husband was part of this show since it started in Germany in 1988. I felt my husband’s happiness being there, and for us being there with/for him. Our daughter was so lucky to see the show where her Mummy and Daddy met. I am thankful for this show because without it, I wouldn’t be with the man of my dreams. Starlight Express gave me the best blessing in my life.

I saw Starlight Express over a decade ago, after doing Miss Saigon in Stuttgart. I met my very good friend, Dolan Jose, in 1994 who was the dance captain of the show then, and he was the one who made me fall in love with this show. He was also the reason why me and my husband are together. 🙂
The energy on stage last Sunday was exceptional. It was like watching a concert more than a musical. Hundreds of old cast members were in the audience watching the new STEX cast. Every number was like a curtain call, non-stop applause from everyone. It was AMAZING! Even me who was not part of the show had goosebumps and was teary for them.

I remember auditioning for this show and I almost killed myself. I promised myself I will never dance again after that audition. LOL It was so hard! It’s the hardest musical on earth, believe me! So everyone who was part of this show should feel proud as it is a great achievement to be part of this incredible musical.  

Me and my daughter, Alyanna, are so grateful for having been able to support Garry, my husband. We haven’t seen him for weeks as he’s been touring with a show, and it was great to meet up in Germany and come home together.
We were so proud of my husband and everyone who did the show. I was speechless when all the cast from 1988 to present went on stage. I felt so happy for everyone. It was one of the best Galas I have attended. The Germans know how to throw a party for the actors. That’s why Germany will always have a soft spot in my heart. I will never forget my amazing experiences in Deutschland. Never. 

I would like to single out one amazing person who deserve a huge recognition for her hard work and dedication. To Ms Debbie Hearnden Mayer, congratulations for doing a great job for the last 25 years. You truly dedicated yourself for this show and that’s why it is as flawless as always. I have never met a person like you who is still as passionate about the show after all these years. I always felt your positive energy whenever you talk about STEX, and you are truly inspiring. Thank you for accommodating me and my family. We had a great time with you, and your lovely family. 

To all the cast, creatives, crew of STARLIGHT EXPRESS, Congratulations! May you continue inspiring yourselves to always do a good show, and love your work above all. You don’t know how lucky you are to be there. Thank you for the great experience you showed my daughter last Sunday. She will never forget this day.

To Mr Meinolf Muller, vielen dank fur alles! Thank you for this amazing treat you gave me and my daughter. You made all of us so happy. x


Les Miserables the movie…


I am so thankful that they made another amazing musical film after Phantom of the Opera. We need more of these classic musicals on the big screen. So thank you to all the geniuses who made this film possible. 🙂

It was a great cast and all of them did an amazing job! I was so moved by Anne Hathaway’s acting and singing. She was so good and a very different Anne Hathaway as I got used to seeing her in romantic comedy films, but playing Fantine is probably the best she’s done, in my humble opinion. So well done, Ms. Hathaway! Hugh Jackman was a BRILLIANT Valjean! Such an amazing actor and singer! Hats off to you Mr Jackman! Russel Crowe, the most criticized in the film based on the reactions of colleagues on facebook. Can I just single out that Mr Crowe was GOOD! I was not bothered by his singing just because people got used to the powerful voice of Javert in the musical. He did it differently, he made it his own, probably the reason why they offered him the job. Mr Crowe did surprise me overall and thought he did a good job! He’s an actor who can sing, remember? I don’t think Sir Cameron Mackintosh would allow Russell Crowe to play this part if he was not qualified. I thought ‘STARS’ was quite justified! I like the fact that he was different from all the voices of Javerts that I’ve heard. Loved the Thenardiers too played by Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter. They were so funny. Again, they did it differently than the ones I’ve seen from typical Thenardiers character on stage. Eddie Redmayne as Marius was quite a scene stealer. He was very good. Samantha Barks sang so well and even acted great for someone new to film acting. I was also happy to see the original Jean Valjean from the original London production, Colm Wilkinson. He played the priest who helped Valjean. Now that was a treat. 🙂 All of them owned the roles they played and did a great job!
To see these amazing musicals a success in films, that means more musicals will be turned into films too. Isn’t that great?

We have to consider that this is a film, not a West End musical where all you hear is powerful voices on stage. The film brought life to the musical. Honestly, watching the film made the entire story clear in my head, and for my daughter to visually feel the story. Now she is even more excited to see the musical, and even watch the film again. I did not take her to see the musical in London because she was still very young, but now she has seen the film and has a clear story in her head, she felt excited about it. She had a cute question about Valjean: ‘Mummy, how did Valjean become the factory owner and the Mayor?’

The Noakes family enjoyed the film so much. I was in tears the whole time. I was speechless after watching it, wiping tears as I listened to the audience’s applause. We didn’t even bother to eat our popcorns because we were so into the film, that we didn’t want to miss anything. Everyone inside the cinema were quiet during the film, laughing at the Thenardiers’ jokes, and applauded when the film finished. Fantastic experience! 🙂

Congratulations to Garry’s friend too, Norma Attalah, for being in the film! We saw you! Even in Mamma Mia film, we saw you all the time!  🙂  x