Cloverdale Retreat Café … Overpriced!

My husband and I visited this local new cafe at The Priory Marina in Bedford. We were going to have lunch there but we were stunned by how the prices of sandwiches and cakes. A normal baguette is £6.50 and a pasty would cost you £7.00.  Now that is too expensive. The prices on the website didn’t seem to be the same when we were there. The lady didn’t even say ‘check our menu, there are more to choose from.’ until we saw the menu.

So we ordered one baguette to share. Presentation was awful. Side salad looked old. Bacon was too oily in the baguette. Disappointing. The only nice thing about it was the tea and the view by the lake. But I find it overpriced.

Mowsbury Park cafe is better. Their prices are reasonable. Also Browne’s at Castle Road, their sandwiches and baguettes are half price than Cloverdale’s and presented well.

Cloverdale Retreat cafe is lovely, great place and location but overpriced. Imagine if you are with your whole family, you could be spending £40 easily for 4 people. The two of us spent like £15 for one baguette, one cake and two teas. Not worth it. That’s like going to Starbucks.