18 years of happy marriage….


My husband and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary yesterday, 22nd July. Our first wedding was in Uxbridge, London, in 1999. The simplest wedding you can ever imagine. We did not really spend anything on that day. We did our small reception at my in-laws’ house and had very few guests. Nothing fancy.  We did our big wedding in Manila, where my over 200 relatives live. Haha Yes, we saved our money for our big church wedding in Manila in 2000.

It’s been 18 years, and when you have a partner who loves you dearly with all his heart, accepting just the way you are with his unconditional love, life is beautiful. I feel that every single day since we got married. Of course, you can’t avoid the ups and downs in marriage but what makes ours different is we are together in every way. We have the same interest, same passion, same craziness. Our daughter knows exactly what I’m talking about. She grew up with a very loving atmosphere.

Recently, a mother and daughter, supposedly old friends whom I considered family since I lived in Germany, accused me and my family of faking our happy posts on Facebook. That I try to portray a happy life but in reality, I’m a vile person. Well, it’s my turn to hit back darlings and I am not sorry for what I’m about to say.

All my family and friends know, those who are close to me know that I speak my mind on social media. I don’t hide my feelings. If I am angry, I express it. If I’m happy, it is infectious that everyone could feel that happiness. I am probably one of the most honest person you’ll ever encounter. But to accuse me of FAKING happiness, that is them, and it’s something they obviously do and in fact, going through. They obviously feel so jealous of a great relationship we have as a family. I was obviously being watched closely by these people all these years without knowing that this is how they have always seen me – VILE.  Well, what can I do with that?

This person you’re calling horrible is the person who cancelled all her schedule every time you were around London, just to meet up with you and your family. This person is the person who saved her hard earned money for her trainfare, so when you’re finally over, she has money to pay for her expenses. This vile person never forgot to greet your birthdays on Facebook and kept in touch wholeheartedly. This person ignored your provoking comments on Facebook just because you hate her President. This person gave up her performing career to focus on family, and be there for her child, and always been happily married. This person is so loved by her husband that he pampers her everyday in simple ways. This person would rather have an enemy than be FAKE to anyone.

I just wish that they would look at themselves in the mirror first because they don’t look pleasant in my eyes either.

And eversince they found out that I am a Duterte supporter, they have attacked me on Facebook because of our political differences. Isn’t that pathetic? Politics, Religion, and friendships. Not a good mix really. They ruin all relationships. I don’t react on what they post on Facebook, but they always had something to say on mine.

Lastly, I am confident that all my posts on Facebook are genuine, honest, real and ME. What you see is what you get. That’s me. It’s a pity that some people are too jealous of people like me who can freely speak their minds. I really don’t care about who likes me or not. I have one amazing man who truly loves the real me and who sees me beautifully. All my posts about how caring my husband is, they are all true. For 18 years of our happy marriage, he made me feel special. Made breakfast in bed every single day when he’s around and not busy. He didn’t make me feel like a slave unlike other husbands who are so bossy, and just expected their wives to cook for them all the time. My husband and I have a healthy relationship, not perfect, but we are happy. We are together in every way, same interests in life. At least my husband is not a boring man. He’s fun to be with and not too intellectually boring.

Never insult my family. You know nothing about our journey and the trials we’ve survived. Our daughter is so proud of her parents, who are not couch potatoes at our age – just sitting down, pigging out, getting fatter and fatter, doing nothing. I am 46 years old, and my husband turned 60 last month. This photo was taken yesterday. Our daughter has the most hardworking parents inspiring people to take care of themselves, get fit, achieve their goals and be happy.

These people always talked about people’s lives. All I can say now is SAD. It is very sad that your true colours were just revealed now, when you have been feeling this against me for so long. I wasted my time and money travelling to London just to see you. Goodbye,  B family.  We will not miss you at all.  I never had a good laugh with your company, and that’s the truth! Call me stupid, idiot, but I’d rather be one than to pretend upper class with a pretentious accent, that is obviously Visayan no matter how hard you try to be Bri-ish. LOL

My advice:  Remove people in your life who are not happy with your success, and simply not happy for you. Never be afraid to be YOU.




Garry turns 60…

To someone who inspired and keeps inspiring people, a great husband and loving father, the strongest 60 year old Body Attack/Pump/Jam/Circuits/Stretch/LBT instructor and Personal Trainer, the youngest looking 60 yo I know, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!






What I’ve realized for the last 10 days…

It’s been 10 days since not being active on Facebook. I only go on Facebook to post on my business page. Yes I did read a little on my newsfeed but that’s it.

I’ve realized that out of your hundreds of contacts on Facebook, only one or two will bother contacting you outside of social network. It feels like you don’t belong to the world at all. It makes you feel like you have no friends at all if you are not on Facebook. It’s sad that I’ve become a victim of social network addiction.

But let me tell you too what I’ve accomplished in 10 days not being active on Facebook. I’ve realized that there is more to life than being hooked online. Yes, I am writing here and sharing my feelings with the world, hoping people will learn from my experience. I feel free in writing here.

Today, I spent all day with my family without looking at my phone and I tell you, it was an amazing feeling. Family talking, laughing, no selfies, our daughter more engaged in conversations and listening to each other. We had a great time.

We spent our Sunday by the lake, at the Box End Aqua Park just in the outskirts of Bedford, and we had a simple family day. The hundreds of contacts I’ve had are gone but I gained control of my life, and spending more time with the most important people in my life.

A friend told me that my hundreds of fb friends will get angry with me if they don’t hear from me on Facebook. Why was I not bothered by that comment? Do I feel lonely without the hundreds of people who used to tell me ‘I love you’ on Facebook? NO, not at all. I only need two people to tell me that they love me and I know they mean it.  😀

After 10 days, still the best decision I’ve made.

No Facebook = HAPPY ME.  Proven.  😀

A beautiful nightout with my hubby…

Watching Kinky Boots in London…  What do they call it?  Date?  Hahaha


Strictly Come Dancing adventure 2016

A wonderful evening indeed. Mother and daughter time at the BBC, watching Strictly Come Dancing!

14976861_10154736385804602_5721295527055213193_o (1)

Alyanna turns 15…

My beautiful 15 year old…   Our latest photo together…  #ProudMummy

Christmas 2016

HAPPY CHRISTMAS from the Noakes family!

It may just be the three of us but the love and fun that we have in our family are felt with sincerity and gratefulness. It’s our first time to wear tacky Christmas jumpers and to be elves on Christmas day was so much fun. I love my family so much and I am so proud of them!

Hope you had a great day! WE DID!  Cheers everyone!  😀


My Super Gaz…


To my amazing friend, confidant, teacher, trainer, critic, motivator, lover, HUSBAND,

There is no one like you, and even in my second life, I will search for you and be with you again. Happy Happy Birthday!

I am so proud of YOU!



A Touch of Class

Last Sunday, 8th May, I was able to see the touring show of Ian Waite and Natalie Lowe in Bedford, ‘An audience with Ian and Natalie – A Touch of Class’. I was with my FitSteps ladies and we had an absolute fun evening, meeting them personally again (since my training) and watching the show. They were amazing! Congratulations to Ian and Natalie!


Remembering my Mum on Mother’s Day…


Missing you everyday, Mommy.  I am very proud to be your daughter.  Rest in Peace. xxx

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