Kickboxing with PT Lucio…

I started doing kickboxing when I moved to Bedford in 2000, with the world champion in Thai kickboxing, Nigel Thompson. He inspired me to continue and made myself fit doing this sport. I did it again after I gave birth to my daughter when she was two years old and started losing my pregnancy weight. I fell in love with kickboxing.

Then we moved to the North side of Bedford and joined the gym right by us. I stopped kickboxing for years since moving to Robinson Pool gym, until I moved to Fitness First and met this Personal Trainer named Lee, who trained with Nigel, and eventually did kickboxing again. I stopped boxing again after that for years as I went back to RP to do classes this time and got hooked doing Les Mills classes esp discovering Body Attack. Now that I am teaching FitSteps at Fitness First, I am finally doing it again with Personal Trainer, Lucio Adger. Although he just left Fitness First, he is still training people and helping them achieve their fitness goals. I am not sure now if I can afford him though outside Fitness First. Haha

PT Lucio is fantastic in kickboxing. He knows what he’s doing. Very strong and his techniques are brilliant. So anyone who wants to get fit, I recommend kickboxing with PT Lucio. He will push you.

If you want to contact him, here is his Facebook page.

So watch out you bitches, I am 46 years old and can really punch and kick hard. Out of my way!  LOL






Fitness First – best gym in Bedford

I am not being biased by what I’m about to say. I was a long time member of Fitness First Bedford before I moved to another gym, and then went back to FF since my husband started teaching there and became one of the Personal Trainers. I left because of doing Body Attack classes and FF didn’t offer this class during that time. My husband, Garry, did it first and got me hooked doing Body Attack class.

But let me tell you how happy I am to be back at Fitness First.

First of all, there are no cliques and favouritism at this gym.  Instructors just do their jobs, teach, then leave when finished. No favourites among the participants who are always being featured on social media. This is why I don’t feature one person on my page, I always show group photos. There’s no bitching from other gym members talking about other people’s lives after a class whilst having a coffee together. You will not find this at Fitness First because they have no cafe, although you can sit down and have a quick coffee from the machine. But in reality, the atmosphere is different. At FF, People work on their fitness goals with PTs. People go there to have a good workout, have fun in class, relax in the steam room/sauna, swim, shower and leave when they’re done. No smell of poo or dirty nappies around the pool or changing rooms. More quiet and relaxing. Always clean toilets and shower rooms. People, esp the staff, are very friendly, always smiling when you come in, greeting you and saying Thank you after. Management is fantastic. They do team building games everyday to bring positivity in staff relationship. No tension. Everyone is very helpful. Personal Trainers are so helpful, giving free trial sessions and very friebdly. I have sat there and observed what they do. They are really good with people.

Fitness First have great facilities, affordable membership, great classes, great instructors. May not be as new like the newly built one in Clapham but in general, it is a good gym to go to. My husband, Garry Noakes, is teaching loads of classes at FF now. FF gave him the opportunity to explore and use his skills. Not just one class, but loads of classes within a year of being there. FF gave me the opportunity too to introduce FitSteps there without begging for it. They asked me if I’m interested to do a class as they knew I am a FitSteps instructor and they wanted to introduce somethng new. They are so open there and very welcoming. No promises broken. When they say it, they will do it. So Thank you FF. Your members are benefiting from it. I try my very best to justify the way FitSteps should be delivered.

Overall, I recommend going to Fitness First. You will get the service you are paying for. That’s for sure.  No one will compare you to anyone. They have the best Personal Trainers in town who will help you achieve your fitness goals.

So, what are you waiting for?   Call Fitness First Bedford. 0344 571 2811 and look for PT Garry.  😀  

FitSteps at the Bedford River Festival 2016

Look at my FitSteppers now! They are performing people, performing!  Yes, and  infront of a big crowd after just a few months of doing FitSteps with me. We did a FiSteps dance demo at the Sports Village stage, and we were able to deliver the message we wanted to tell people about FitSteps and how amazing it is to dance. Wish all of my FitSteppers were on stage with us but I’m only allowed a few people to dance with me due to limited space on stage. What I love about my class is the mixture of levels/abilities/ages, and they just go for it. Some of them had background in dance, even a professional dancer, and others never danced at all, and it proved today that what matters most is that you are enjoying what you’re doing. That if you put your heart and focus into something you really love, you will shine in every way. To all my FitSteppers, THANK YOU! I am so PROUD of everyone, not just the ones who performed last week, yesterday and today, but EVERYONE who does my class! xxx

What an amazing weekend indeed!  Boiling hot, but brilliant!

My FitSteps classes in Bedford:

Thursday at Renhold Village Hall, 8pm  (£5 otd)

Friday  at Brickhill Community Centre, 9:am (£5 otd)


FitSteps FAB is coming…


New Year started with a bang! FitSteps training with the pros, Ian Waite and Natalie Lowe!  What more can I ask for? I had a great time learning the new FitSteps FAB that will be launched in March 2016.

Losing weight my way…

Cut the —– FAT! That’s me telling myself off. 🙂

My husband and I eat like a horse. True. We love our food, and cooking together in the kitchen is one of our favourite things to do. We love rice, esp moi, being a Filipino. Garry loves to eat rice too since being with me. He is a fan of Asian cuisine, and I’m a fan of English Sunday roast and puddings.

We had an epiphany one day, so we decided to have a health MOT. We both had a blood test to check our cholesterol level (know our HDL and LDL level). HDL or High-density lipoprotein, so-called “good cholesterol” which should always be higher than your bad cholesterol, LDL or Low-density lipoprotein. According to the doctor, Garry’s bad cholesterol level was way too high for his age and he was at risk for having a heart attack any moment. Scary. Mine was not as bad. My HDL is still higher than my LDL but overall my cholesterol level is slightly higher than the normal, but not as bad as Garry’s. So we decided to just cut the FAT in our daily meals, exercise, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We have a child, and we need to be there for her. We want to be there when she gets married, until we see our grandchildren. Health is wealth as they say. So people, we have free NHS, go and have your cholesterol checked. Know where you are. A friendly advice. 🙂

We stopped putting butter and cream cheese on bagels, clotted cream on scones. We said goodbye to that. Garry eats porridge for breakfast and he doesn’t add sugar, he puts honey. I eat fruits with 0% fat Greek yoghurt, with a bit of honey. Oh yummy! But we sometimes treat ourselves with pancakes too, and Sunday roast. We bake cookies and cakes sometimes to treat ourselves. All in moderation. You can eat anything basically but avoid fatty foods if you can and have a low sugar treats.  We stopped frying too, we grill or bake meat/fish. We steam all our vegetables. If we fry, we don’t put oil because all meat has it’s own natural oil, and with a non-stick frying pan, no need to add oil. I suggest sunflower oil if you use oil in your cooking, as it has low saturated fats than vegetable oil. I still eat rice everyday. Half cup of rice is a good portion for me, even in dinner, and I lost over a stone since last year. Slowly but surely. I also exercise. I am so into the world of mastering the art of kickboxing, which I started many years ago, but I stopped for 3 years. Now I’m back!

We stopped eating cracklings, no more crispy skin of a roast chicken. I still love the bones though. Haha! That will never change.  We eat lots of fish and even our daughter, Alyanna, loves fish. She eats basically anything, even ‘laing’, a spicy Filipino favourite made of taro leaves in coconut milk with chillis. I do admit though that sometimes I break the rules. I don’t know any Filipino who can avoid to eat lechon (roast pork), esp. the crunchy roasted skin or the pork crackling as we call it here in Britain. But I’m better now, I have learned to control myself. Well, with Garry around to tell me off, of course.  Garry’s been fab eating healthy and exercising. He is slimmer than when I met him. He looks great, and remember he doesn’t diet. He eats normal. He treats himself with a beer occasionally. Beer can cause high cholesterol too, according to the doctor. So most men will go, ‘Oh no!’…  I know. That was Garry’s first reaction.

I do not believe in Atkins, Vegan, Dukan diet, or any high protein diets cutting all carbohydrates. I tried it, and I hated it. It was like being a prisoner. I felt depressed and weak because deep inside I knew something was lacking. I always tired.

I also stopped using so much salt in my cooking. If it’s not necessary, I don’t put salt at all. I have always managed not to use so much salt anyway, since having Alyanna. She never had salt content in her food, and I made them all fresh when she started eating. Even baby food, I made them all. I only used jars when we go away. But at home, I cooked them fresh.

I almost had a high blood pressure last year, but when I started cutting salt in my diet for weeks (as adviced by the doctor), everything’s been normal and I felt great actually.

We have proven that cutting carbohydrates is not the answer to losing weight. Being thin doesn’t actually mean you are healthy either. Eating mainly protein can also cause you cardiovascular disease. We need all the basic food groups in our daily diet. People with poor eating habits lack the nutrients our body needs and are prone to depression. So eat, and it doesn’t mean that if you have finished a full plate, you are fat the next day. It’s all about eating in moderation.

We eat carbs, and managed to lose weight. Just cut the fat, and lessen your salt intake, if you can. Proven by us. I am 41 now and I strongly feel I need to do something before it’s too late. When you do all these crazy diets, you tend to put on weight twice as fast if you can’t maintain it. Whilst in exercising, and eating normal, you know where you are and you will feel better.

Have a nice day and smile!  Be blessed!  🙂